who doesn't love tacos sliding into their mouth hole. i know i do.
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Cats of the pistachio mansion are all stoked on Halloween.
Off to London! See ya later little guys! Acdwshvns.etsy.com #acdwshvns
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Took this handsome little Australian man on an epic beach adventure today with @emilymurderface and he said he misses @ez_1234 a lot.
I’m related to almost everyone in this picture!
Shipped out a pair of these bad girls today. Give acdwshvns a Google on the etsy webpages and you can be cool too!
See ya later, daytona. Here I come, NJ.
Here I am!
"I just want a milkshake."
And everyone handed me the jerkoff of the year award every time I said the city was full of generally lightspeed ugly people. Suck it.
Protector of the free world.
@emilymurderface summer.
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